x-ray protection
Thyroid Collar The OLEY thyroid collar fits lower on the neck, offering coverage of the thyroid against scatter radiation. Velcro strips on the end allow for neck size adjustability. The Oley thyroid collar is available in the following 5 models:
1. Standard : As a general model provides 0,50Pb protection and does not disturb wrapping neck region. 2. Spurred : It is favored product for areas of usage. It completely wraps neck region . It helps to fill gaps between body and apron. It provides 0,50Pb protection. 3. Overall Protection : it is not favorite product , But it plays active role to protect neck and thyroid region when Lead Aprons are not used. It provides 0,50 Pb protection wrapping completely front part of body. 4. Panoramic : This model is produced privately for panoramic draw. 5. Children : This model is produced thinking children’s structure and protecting to children against ray in draws. It provides 0,50Pb protection.
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Thyroid Collar
Thyroid Collar